Lautie ROC Spinner

Kinetic Artistry

Designed and built by the spinning maestro known only as Niko, the Lautie ROC Spinner is a work of kinetic artistry. For those in the know, the Lautie ROC Spinner is considered a gem among fidget spinners and is prized for its unique designs and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Precision machined from solid titanium and Zirconium, the Lautie ROC Spinner cuts no corners and spares no expense in the pursuit of spinning perfection. In addition, it features the industry-leading R188 bearing and is ring-fit, which results in a glass-smooth spin that seems to defy the very laws of physics.

Sleek, modern, and exquisite, the Lautie ROC Spinner further sets itself apart with its one-of-a-kind shape. Beautifully curved with its signature small side flats allow it to function both as a worry-stone and a world-class fidget spinner extraordinaire. If you're up for something different and truly breathtaking, you owe it to yourself to take the Lautie ROC Spinner for a spin.

  • Precision machined from titanium and zirconium
  • Signature small side flats
  • Industry-leading R188 bearing
  • Compact, unique, and exquisitely smooth
  • Dimensions: Button Height - 24mm, Body Height - 13.5mm
  • Weight: Blue Titanium - 31.18 grams, Zirconium - 42.52 grams

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