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Locknesters Buddy Bus Puzzle

Wander Wonder

Note: This item is under Last Call, and is final sale. Thanks!

Part puzzle and part toy, the Locknesters Buddy Bus Puzzle is a new kind of objet d'art. Inspired by the meandering dreams of traveling, the Buddy Bus Puzzle looks forward to bright, future days of rambling and adventure.

Designed to stimulate the mind and encourages constant, tactile interaction, the Buddy Bus Puzzle features a polished surface for a distinctively smooth feel and allows the pieces to slide easily together.

Produced in Brooklyn using a blend of old and new manufacturing techniques, the

Buddy Bus Puzzle is 3D-printed and then sanded down by hand. Only the highest-quality America-made plastic is used with no toxic materials or processes involved.

The pieces are then smoothed through a series of methods that involve sanding, tumbling and buffing. During the smoothing process, the Buddy Bus Puzzle acquires a distinct coloration, making each Locknesters Buddy Bus Puzzle as unique as you are.

  • 3D printed jigsaw puzzle
  • 3 pieces that slide together
  • Comprising of unconventional geometries
  • Made from the highest-quality American-made plastic
  • 3D-printed, hand-sanded, and finished
  • Dimensions: 6.5" long
  • Made in the USA

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