Justin Lundquist

Pre-Owned: Lundquist Baby Barlow - Black G10 (Limited Edition / Custom)

21st Century Baby Barlow

Condition - Excellent (Like New) 

True to its name, the full custom Lundquist Baby Barlow is impressively compact. Beyond that, this black pocket knife brings an entirely new dimension to the traditional slip joints we know and love by introducing top-notch modern materials and innovative design touches. This is a special sort of folding EDC knife that is a completely new creation, yet still feels familiar and timeless.

Drawing inspiration from the #25 pattern size, the Baby Barlow is designed as a compact folding EDC knife that will fit into your jeans coin pocket effortlessly. It also has a slightly more defined Barlow shape handle, which adds symmetry and allows it to fill the hand better, which is especially crucial for a smaller knife.

The one-of-a-kind modern touches that deviate from the norm come in the form of a front flipper tab, the inlay designs, caged ball bearings and a full lockup via a steel inset lock bar. This combination of old and new allows for the best of both worlds and came about from Justin’s desire to improve upon the #25 pattern which he owned.

The front flipper tab allows for one-handed deployment, a feat that is impossible on a traditional Barlow which uses a nail-nick to deploy the blade. The inset lock bar prevents the blade ever closing on your fingers, no matter how arduous the task. And finally, something that a purist traditional slip joint maker will never dare attempt, the Lundquist Baby Barlow comes with a low-profile, deep-carry titanium pocket clip which opens up a world of carrying possibilities.

Individually made by Justin Lundquist in the USA, the limited edition Baby Barlow black pocket knife will only be made in micro batches of 20. Each color and material is limited to 20 numbered units, so if you want the ultimate pocket gem of a modern slip joint - it’s time to treat yourself to the groundbreaking Lundquist Baby Barlow.

  • Limited edition of 20 per color and material
  • Individually numbered folding EDC knife
  • M390 super-steel hand-ground blade
  • Caged ceramic bearings
  • Cutting edge: 2”
  • Handle length: 2.93”
  • Blade thickness: 0.090"
  • Blade finish: Satin
  • Overall length: 5”
  • Symmetrical low-profile out-the-front flipper tab 
  • Lightweight black G10 scales 
  • G10 seamless inlay
  • Steel inset lock bar
  • Deep carry titanium pocket clip
  • Matching titanium screws
  • Weight: 44 grams
  • 100% custom made black pocket knife in the USA

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