McNees Custom Knives

McNees Custom Knives MAC 3.5 - Seigaiha Titanium

Built to last

Jonathan McNees is a stubborn man. But it's that same stubbornness that enabled him to defy expectations, and offer up an all-American folder of insane custom quality at a sane price. That's why we're so proud to bring you the exclusive McNees Knives MAC 3.5, emblazoned with the iconic Seigaiha motif. 

More than living up to its namesakes of being a Performance Machine, the McNees Knives MAC 3.5 is designed as the most versatile everyday carry companion. As its moniker implies, it features a perfectly sized and highly robust 3.5" Magnacut blade riding on silky-smooth caged bearings with a ceramic detent.

The ergonomically shaped titanium handles are lightweight and incredibly durable while featuring beautiful lines that flow open or closed (the true mark of a master). Custom stainless steel hardware and a matching, low-profile, titanium pocket clip complete this masterpiece.

What's more, this exclusive version features an intricate Japanese Seigaiha motif, which resembles the waves crashing off the coast of Kanagawa and symbolizes an unending stream of good fortune and fortitude. Something we could all use these days.

A true labor of love, the exclusive McNees Knives MAC 3.5 is a bonafide precision-tuned cutting machine. If you're looking for something of the highest performance and built with the highest care and integrity right here in the US of A – it's time to get your paws on this bad boy.

  • Exclusively engraved for Urban EDC Supply
  • Traditional Japanese Seigaiha motif
  • Magnacut steel blade
  • Designed by Jonathan McNees
  • Versatile EDC companion
  • Engineered for maximum performance
  • Superbly compact and competent
  • Hollow-ground blade
  • Solid titanium handles
  • Low-profile titanium pocket clip
  • Caged bearings with a ceramic detent
  • Blade length: 3.50" (8.89 cm)
  • Made in the USA

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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