Mechforce Infinity Cube - Aluminum

Gateway to the Galaxy

Pilfered straight from Doctor Strange's Sanctum, the Mechforce Infinity Cube is a cube within a cube within a cube – in the palm of your hand. Just take a moment to let that sink in.

Designed as an all-purpose fidget tool or desk toy, the Mechforce Infinity Cube is meticulously machined from a single aluminum square block. Fair warning though, excessive use of the Mechforce Infinity Cube may open a gateway into the Matrix (and prove that Elon was right after all when he claimed that we're living in a simulation).

Lightweight and compact enough to carry on your keychain, worn around your neck, or stashed in your pocket unnoticed – this multi-universal marvel is your perfect companion as you traverse infinity with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in hand. 

  • Fidget tool and desk toy
  • Cube within a cube within a cube
  • Precision-machined from a single aluminum square block
  • Dimensions: 1" (2.54cm) x 1" (2.54cm) x 1" (2.54cm)
  • Comes with keychain ring

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