MIG Fountain Pens

Everyday Fountain Pen

There are pens, and then there are fountain pens. Writing with a fountain pen transforms the entire experience, from one of necessity to an exercise of intent and enjoyment. 

Designed for everyday use and carry, the MIG Fountain Pen features a full-metal construction for all-round durability, while also looking the part of a sleek, clean and modern writing instrument. 

In hand, the carefully-tweaked 11mm diameter body is perfectly balanaced allows for comfort, even when writing for extended period. The low-profile pocket clip keeps things secure, while disappearing into your pocket – making it one of the 'smallest' full size fountain pens around.

What's more, the cap can be posted, which effectively extends the pen if you need more surface to grip on (or if you've bigger hands). The nib is a German made Schmidt FH241 which writes smooth and effortlessly, and each pen comes with a Schmidt K5 converter and a single black universal Kaweco cartridge to get you using the pen soon as possible.

The MIG Fountain Pen can also take the popular Lamy T10 refills. The nib sections and refills are designed to be easily removed, allowing for easy deep cleaning or upgrading of parts without requiring extra tools.

If you’ve never tried a fountain pen because of the misconception that they are frail and fussy, the MIG Fountain Pen might just change your mind. Robust, rugged and refined – the bad boy is the perfect everyday fountain pen.

  • Rugged and refined fountain pen
  • All-metal construction
  • Comes in titanium, copper, brass and black over brass
  • German made Schmidt FH241 nibs
  • Comes with Schmidt K5 converter
  • Comes with single black universal Kaweco cartridge
  • Diameter: 11mm (roughly 7/16")
  • Length Capped: 130mm (5.17")
  • Length Uncapped: 120mm (4.72")
  • Length Posted: 150 mm (5.9")
  • Weight: Titanium = 28g, Brass = 51g, Black = 51g, Copper = 54g
  • Machined in: Taiwan
  • Final Stages: Australia

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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