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Mr. Hide Leather Sundries

Mr. Hide Leather Sundries Kiji Pin

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Traditional Japanese Pins

The Mr. Hide Leather Sundries Kiji Pin is a modern interpretation of the classic lapel pin, which indicated the wearer’s affiliation with a cause, as well as being a sign of achievement and membership. And this unique collection of pins is inspired by the beauty of traditional patterns commonly found in traditional Japanese fabrics.

There are 4 different designs for you to choose from. The Shippou has an antique brass finish, and features a series of interlocking circles makes up this pattern. The name refers to the seven treasures of Buddhism, and as a treasure motif, Shippou is worn in the hopes that luck and fortune will come the wearer's way.

Next up, the Asanoha with an antique brass finish with indigo enamel. This pattern resembles the shape of a hemp leaf. Which culturally became associated with growth and good health, due to the fast-growing nature of hemp.

The Yagasuri comes in an antique silver finish. This pattern resembles the fletching on arrows. It's culturally associated with strength and determination, as well as protection from evil in Buddhism beliefs.

And finally, the Seigaiha in an antique silver finish with indigo enamel. It features an "ocean" of repeated arches, forms this pattern of waves. Waves are often culturally regarded as good luck and fortune.

Whichever one (or four) you choose to adorn your jacket or bag, these one-of-a-kind Kiji Pins will not only add a touch of individuality but will also serve as a constant reminder to always focus on the good and the positive. And we could all use a bit of that.

  • Inspired by traditional Japanese fabrics
  • Full of character and symbolism
  • 4 different designs to choose from

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