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Muyshondt Beagle Mk. I

Built For Urban Exploration

Named after the HMS Beagle, a British Royal Navy vessel which carried a young Charles Darwin aboard during his seminal expedition, the Muyshondt Beagle is designed as a tool for your everyday exploration.

The Beagle sits in a sweet spot within the Muyshondt range. It’s more compact and portable than the Flieger while packing more punch and capacity than its smaller siblings, the Aeon and Maus.

Like all Muyshondt creations, the Beagle is one of the most mechanically and technologically sophisticated lighting instruments ever made. It is capable of two distinct beam types and comes equipped with the new Calibre 1116 Light Engine, which is the result of over a decade’s worth of research and experimentation to create the most efficient and high-performance electric torch.

The body of the Beagle is a masterpiece in and of itself. It features either a solid titanium or solid copper monocoque case design crafted for superior durability and thermal performance. The pocket clip is also machined from a block of titanium.

The heatsinks are made of solid copper, then polished and gold plated to create a superior thermal juncture to the copper core LED board. All electronics are crafted with gold plated circuit paths, using carefully selected components to maximize performance at every level. In addition, the lenses are made from synthetically grown sapphire crystal that is covered with an anti-reflective coating on each side to maximize light transmission.

On the business end, the LEDs are high CRI where possible – 90+ on the flood ring, and 80+ on the center beam. The two beam types allow you to illuminate the world up close, and far away, while the 5 intensity levels allow for maximum versatility to suit any situation.

Every little detail on the Beagle, from the tiniest detail on the electronics to the individually mill-cut pyramid on the grip, is considered and accounted for. Small, bright and highly capable, the Beagle will be your most steadfast and reliable companion, whether you find yourself in the urban jungle or the actual jungle.

Note: Keychain Tool Sheath (Tall) case sold separately.

  • Crafted from solid titanium or solid copper
  • Latest generation Calibre 1116 Light Engine for increased efficiency
  • Runs on a single CR123 cell, or an MPC-18350I cell (available from Muyshondt)
  • One-piece monocoque design for superior strength & heat dissipation
  • Two distinct light beams (flood and throw)
  • Beams are produced by high output, high Color Rendering Index (CRI) LEDs at 4000K (Neutral White) color temperature
  • Flood ring is 90+ CRI and the high beam is 80+ CRI
  • Each intensity level across both flood and throw beams are fully regulated, with light outputs of 1 (100 hours), 15 (22 Hours), 70 (4 Hours) lumens flood, and 165 (2 Hours), and 435 (45 Minutes) lumens flood and throw
  • Sapphire crystal lens with dual-sided anti-reflective coating
  • O-Ring Sealed, Water Resistant
  • Machined titanium pocket clip
  • Convenient and intuitive push button tail switch
  • 0.984 (D) x 3.31(L)
  • 4.44oz (Titanium), 7oz (Copper)

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