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One Studio Matchbox - Titanium

Solid Titanium Matchbox

If you’ve ever handled a box of matches, you’ll know by experience how flimsy those paper matchboxes are. So, if you’ve ever yearned for a more permanent solution for storing your matches, you’ll fall in love with One Studio's Titanium Matchbox.

Matches are one of the most reliable ways of starting a fire, and have a special place in the hearts of preppers, outdoorsmens and pipe-smokers. If you need to twist and get the flame into a pipe, or if you’re starting a barbecue and need to throw the entire match in - you’ll quickly appreciate the simple beauty of a matchstick.

Machined from solid titanium, the One Studio Matchbox matches the matches in terms of reliability and dependability. Lightweight and superbly strong, it’ll keep your matches safe and secure. Additionally, it comes with extra slots for you to add tritium tubes to further personalize it. Available in a unique Patched and Armor plated design each match box has a hand-hammered rear finish and stylized 9mm brass end casing hammered into each box. 

  • Custom machined from solid titanium
  • Perfect for safekeeping your matches
  • Extra slots for tritium tubes
  • 1.96" (50mm) x 1.47" (37.5mm) x 0.6" (15mm)
  • 1.9oz (56g)
  • Extra strips included

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