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Pangea Designs PiCO - Damascus (Limited Edition)

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Damascus Micro Bottle-Opener

The Pangea Designs PiCO is the very embodiment of the ideal of “maximum minimalism”. It is an ultra-compact bottle-opener that packs the most prying-punch-per-inch in the world, squeezing the maximum functionality into the most minimal of forms.

The PiCO uses the sturdy split-ring that it comes with for leverage. You simply place your thumb on the opposite side of the cap to lift and it requires only a single tug to get the job done. This clever integration and design is what allows the PiCO to maintain its lightweight and ultra-compact micro form factor.

Made from Chad Nichols Damascus steel, the PiCO features the distinctive swirls and graceful patterns of the ancient metal crafting technique which was once used for Samurai swords. So if you’re going to carry around a bottle-opener on daily basis, there’s no better or more beautiful option than the Damascus Pangea Designs PiCO.

  • Ultra-compact size
  • Amazingly lightweight
  • Makes quick work of bottles
  • Made from Chad Nichols Damascus steel
  • Comes with a sturdy 1" split ring

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