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Peak LED Flashlight - El Capitan

Power, Precision, Portability

Named after the largest granite monolith in the world, the rock-solid Peak LED El Capitan is the perfect balance between power and portability. This torch is also the first true high-performance AA flashlight with a 14500 lithium-ion option for maximum output.

Designed with the professional in mind, the Peak LED El Capitan is shock and water-resistant courtesy of the thermal epoxy sealed heads. It also features unrivaled light output to battery run-time due to its perfectly designed and highly efficient circuitry.

Most notably, the Peak LED El Capitan uses Quantum Tunneling Composite (QTC) technology for variable light output. This allows you infinite variability from the lowest of lows to maximum output. Not only do you get complete control with the QTC, mechanically it’s also the simplest and most reliable feature on the market today.

Further adding to its reputation as one of the most reliable flashlight ever made, all openings on the El Capitan are O-Ring sealed, the protective windows are made of unbreakable polycarbonate scratch-resistant material, and the positive battery contacts are made of solid brass.

For the LEDs, you’ve got a choice between the Cree XPG Cool White, Neutral White or High-CRI. For maximum output, the Cool White is your go-to. If you prefer a warmer beam that render colors more accurately, the High-CRI option is for you. If you have no preference, you can't go wrong with the Neutral White.

You can also choose from a range of materials. Go for brass if you want something with more heft and enjoy a nice patina. For sheer toughness, the stainless steel El Capitan cannot be beaten. And if you want something lightweight and strong, aluminum is the way to go.

Entirely designed and machined in the USA, the delightfully compact Peak LED El Capitan will prove to be a unflinchingly steadfast partner to your everyday adventures. For a similar premium EDC flashlight, consider the Peak Eiger Ultra X.

Note: Momentary Switch add-on available here.

  • Cree XPG white LED with three different white tint outputs: Cool White, Neutral White, and High CRI
  • Choose from HA Aluminum (Black), Brass, or Stainless Steel
  • Electronics are exclusively potted in Thermal Epoxy for reliability, shock and water resistance
  • All openings are O-Ring sealed for water resistance
  • Protective windows are made of unbreakable polycarbonate scratch resistant material
  • Positive battery contacts are made of solid brass
  • Engineered to use all different battery chemistries: Alkaline, Lithium primary, Lithium Ion Rechargeable 14500 or NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Simple twist on/off mechanism for ease of use
  • Detachable keychain configuration
  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA
  • Weight (with battery inside): HA Aluminum - 70 grams, Brass - 138 grams, Stainless Steel - 132 grams
  • Dimensions - Length - 4"(10.16 cm), Width - .75" (1.905 cm), Height - .75' (1.905 cm)

This Peak LED Flashlight is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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