CCKW November Mallet - Cold Rolled Steel

Everyday Precision Mallet

Based in New York, the eponymous CCKW Design Studio is named after its founders, Chen Chen and Kai Williams, who met while attending Pratt Institute. And it’s during their time at Pratt that inspired them to design and create the November Mallet, named after a beloved professor, Dan November (1933-2008).

Dan assigned students to make tools that they could use through their time at Pratt and beyond. And the steel mallet Chen made in his class is still in the studio tool kit.

This small metal mallet design is inspired by that original mallet combined with the functionality and elegant proportion of a dual-head watch band adjusting mallet. Both soft and hard, the plastic end of the November Mallet is perfect with delicate surfaces, while the steel end is ideal for heavier-duty work such as hammering nails and cracking open nuts.

Elegant and functional, the November Mallet is functional work of art that embodies CCKW’s ethos of exploring materials and finding new ways to use them in an everyday setting.

  • Elegant and functional steel mallet
  • Made from oiled cold rolled steel and polyethylene
  • 8.5 × 2.5 × 0.75 inches
  • Handle length: 7.75" (19.68 cm)
  • Head length: 2.50" (6.35 cm)
  • Head diameter: 0.75" (1.90 cm)
  • Weight: 218 grams

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