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Andersson & Copra

Pre-Owned: Andersson & Copra Urban Husky - Copper (Custom)

Welcome To The Urban Jungle

Condition: Excellent

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese Higonokami knives, the Andersson Copra Urban Husky is designed and handcrafted from ground-up to be an attractive and useful working knife that won’t raise eyebrows in an urban setting, making it perfect for city-dwellers. 

Just like the Japanese Higonokami or the Opinel from France, the Urban Husky is a non-locking friction folder, which makes it legal to carry in most countries. The blade is kept firmly in place when you're gripping it, ensuring both safety and reliability. 

In addition, the modified 3” Wharncliffe blade is aesthetically non-threatening and is highly practical with its robust tip and ample cutting edge. The chosen blade steel is UHB 20C, which boasts easy maintenance, edge retention, and is the European equivalent of 1095 steel. Coupled with its solid copper handles, it's the epitome of simple elegance and functionality. 

Combining the simplicity of time-tested designs, with modern considerations and materials, the Andersson Copra Urban Husky is the ideal everyday carry blade for the modern adventurer and explorer in the urban jungle.

  • Simple, effective, and elegant
  • Solid copper handles
  • Individually handmade in Sweden
  • Modified 3" UHB 20C Wharncliffe blade
  • Non-locking friction folder design

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