Burnley Design

Pre-Owned: Burnley Cypop - Brass (Custom)

Solid Brass Cypop

Condition: Excellent (some patina forming)

Just descended into our Marketplace is the Burnley Designs Cypop from the legendary workshop of Lucas Burnley. Splendidly functional and fascinatingly iconic, this Burnley Cypop is a must-have for all serious EDC enthusiasts.

Machined from solid brass stock and hand-finished to perfection, the Cypop is the epitome of rugged sophistication. It functions as a bottle opener to pop open a cold one and acts as an effective force multiplier in the event of a dire emergency. 

Add this to your collection now because those who own one tend to hold on to them for dear life, and we don’t know when we’ll unearth another one of these. It’s time to get yourself a lifelong companion for both the good times and bad, through hell and high water.

  • Machined from solid brass
  • Bottle opener and emergency impact tool
  • Weight: 70 grams 
  • Dimensions: Length: 2.3" (5.842 cm) x Width: 1.7" (4.318 cm) x Height: 0.25" (0.635 cm) 
  • Custom designed and made in the USA

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