Pre-Owned: McGizmo Haiku - Bead Blasted Titanium w/ Flamed Ice Clip (Custom)

Everyday Haiku

Condition: Excellent (like new)

If you're even remotely interested in custom flashlights, you'd probably have heard the name 'McGizmo' muttered in reverence. And if you've got a thing for custom flashlights, boy do we have a treat for you today in the form of a fully pimped-out McGizmo Haiku.

The Haiku is the quintessential McGizmo and is often known as being the 'grail' flashlight for many enthusiasts. Designed and built in Hawaii by Don McLeish, the Haiku is arguably Don's best work. Running on a single CR123 battery, the Haiku features the signature McGizmo machining which is, as you guessed, flawless. In addition, this particular Haiku features a discreet bead blasted titanium body topped off with a flamed ice pocket clip that serves as the perfect accent.  

Bells and whistles aside, what sets the Haiku apart is Don's unerring attention to detail and design, resulting in a beautifully balanced masterpiece that has and will continue to defy the test of time. That being said, we see this Haiku being snapped up fast, so act now if you want to own an iconic pièce de résistance of flashlight history.

  • Designed and machined by Don McLeish
  • Runs on 1 x CR123
  • Bead blasted titanium body
  • Flame ice pocket clip
  • 3.6" (9.144 cm) x 0.9" (2.286cm)
  • Weight: 86 grams
  • LED: Nichia 219c 4000k
  • Driver: Dr. Jones H17f
  • Handmade in Hawaii

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