Pre-Owned: Oveready Moddoolar Wasp - HA Aluminum (Custom)

OG Custom Flashlight

Condition: Good - signs of wear on clip and tail (see photos for details)

The Oveready Moddoolar has a special place in flashlight lore and history. Based on the legendary Surefire 6P (which was once the Sebenza equivalent in flashlight terms), the Moddoolar first started out as a project to modify Surefire lights for higher capacity batteries and swapping out emitters). Eventually, Dan at Oveready and Ben from TorchLAB decided to come together to make an entirely custom light – and that's how the formidable Oveready Moddoolar came to be.

Building on the unflinching toughness of the Surefire 6P (think G-Shock of flashlights), the Oveready Moddoolar features a hard-anodized aluminum body tube that is wonderfully lightweight yet incredibly durable. In addition, the body tubes come in 2 sizes – a 18350 tube for compact everyday carry and a 18650 tube should you need more power on-the-go.

On the front end, the Oveready Moddoolar comes equipped with a WASP head with a P60 host with Nailbender Drop-in and Nichia LEDs. True to their pursuit for indestructibility, the WASP head has a hard-anodized finish for superior thermal emissivity and durability, gold-plated copper contact surfaces, silver-plated beryllium copper spring and shockproof materials, components, and design.

Rounding things off at the tail-end, the Oveready Moddoolar wraps things up with the signature Triad tail (which tail stands like a champ) and gives your precise control of the light at all times. If you're looking for a highly versatile, custom flashlight that incorporates ingenious design cues with uncompromising craftsmanship – the timeless Oveready Moddoolar is yours to own and wield. 

  • Collaboration between Oveready and TorchLAB
  • Fully custom flashlight
  • Based on the legendary Surefire 6P
  • WASP head
  • P60 Nailbender Drop-in
  • Nichia LED
  • HA aluminum body tube (18350 and 18650)
  • Signature Triad tail
  • Dimensions: Length 5" (127cm) x Diameter 1.2" (30.48cm)
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Custom made in the USA

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