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Pre-Owned: Prometheus Lights Delta - Titanium (Custom)

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Condition: Excellent

Bringing big innovation in a small package, the Prometheus Delta is everything you expect and then some. Running on a single 18350 battery, the Prometheus Delta is pleasantly compact and measures in at only 1” (2.54 cm) x 3.75” (9.5 cm), making it perfect for your everyday carry.

The triple-emitter comes with 4000K NC319A emitter with a max output of 1112 lumens (30 secs). The higher the CRI, the more accurate the color rendering which allows you to see better in the dark.

The biggest innovation of the Prometheus Delta is the use of graphite thermal pad upgrade. The most common problem with high output flashlights is that it gets really hot, really quickly. So while your flashlight might be able to put out 1000 lumens, it can only do so for a very short span of time before it gets too hot to hold.

The graphite thermal pad in the Prometheus Delta has about 5x the thermal conductivity compared to pure copper. In addition, the exposed fins on the solid copper pill transfer heat directly outwards into the environment instead of trapping it inside the light. This means that the heat will be dissipated much more efficiency, allowing you to maintain the highest output for longer.

The lightweight titanium body features a unique “spun” finish that is achieved by utilizing a custom magnetic finishing machine which lightly peens the surface. This is followed up with Prometheus’ signature Electroless Nickel plating which results in a smooth surface with a beautiful finish that preserves most of the raw machined texture.

And finally, the Prometheus Delta comes with the world-class Icarus LED Driver (3.4A max) that is 100% designed, programmed, and manufactured in the USA. In addition, it comes with the industry-leading McClicky Switch, UCL glass lens, metal button, and the perfectly tensioned Prometheus Lights titanium clip.

Compact, powerful, and impeccably crafted - the Prometheus Delta is the culmination of Jason’s 7 years of flashlight design and manufacturing experience, all crammed into a single, cohesive, masterpiece that’s designed for real-world use. If you want to experience the future today, you need to get your hands on one of these, pronto.

  • 100% hand-built
  • Graphite thermal pad with 5x the thermal conductivity 
  • Machined from solid Domestic CP2 titanium bar stock
  • Powered by an IMR 18350 cell
  • 4000K NC319A emitters
  • TIR S Optic
  • Custom Icarus LED Driver
  • UCL Glass Lens
  • McClicky Switch
  • Metal button
  • 6AL4V Titanium Pocket Clip
  • Created from the best parts available
  • Optimised for the highest performance
  • Recommended: Prometheus Lights Alpha Apprentice Package
  • Dimensions: 3.75" (9.52 cm) x 1.00" (2.54 cm) x 1.00" (2.54 cm)
  • Weight: 93.55 grams
  • Made in the USA

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