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Pro-Tech Mordax - Blue (Custom)

Legendary Remake
Reinvention is never easy. However, when done right, the results often defy all expectations – and that's the precise case with the limited edition Pro-Tech Knives Mordax.

Created in collaboration with custom knifemakers, Ferrum Forge Knife Works, and based on the original Mordax, which was one of Ferrum Forge’s most popular designs, the Pro-Tech Knives Mordax gets a makeover with several important upgrades.

Built for every performance, the Pro-Tech Knives Mordax features a stunning CPM-Magnacut blade. CPM-Magnacut is the biggest blade steel breakthrough in recent years (Magna is Latin for awesome), and CPM-Magnacut offers the perfect balance of Chromium and Carbon for exceptional wear resistance and toughness.

In hand, the Pro-Tech Knives Mordax comes equipped with lightweight aluminum scales to make it, even more, pocket friendly. And the biggest change is with the button lock. Now, the flipper can be opened and closed with a press of the button and a simple flick of the wrist – digestibility, and swiftness on demand.

Slim, sleek, and full-featured, the Pro-Tech Knives Mordax is a modern upgrade of the highest order. If you're looking for the perfect daily companion, the Pro-Tech Knives Mordax will deliver in spades.
  • Premium CPM-Magnacut blade
  • Snappy and authoritative action
  • Push-button deployment and lock
  • Honeycomb textured blue handles
  • Caged bearings with hardened steel washers
  • Steel tip-up pocket clip
  • Torx hardware
  • Blade length: 3.6" (9.144 cm)
  • Cutting edge: 3.4" (8.636 cm)
  • Handle length: 4.6" (11.684 cm)
  • Overall length: 8.25" (20.955 cm)
  • Overall weight: 3.85 oz 
  • Manufactured by Pro-Tech Knives

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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