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Prometheus Alpha Executive Pen - Copper

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Solid Copper Writer

The Prometheus Alpha Pen is designated as such because it truly deserves a place in the upper echelons of heirloom quality tools. And now with this current iteration in solid copper, it once again raises the bar in terms of design innovation, quality of materials, and attention to the smallest of details - all of which contribute to the exquisite experience that is writing and handling this Alpha among all pens.

The Alpha Pen is designed for use with the Mont Blanc rollerball cartridges, which are renowned for their smoothness, reliability, and quick-drying properties. This is a pen that flows fast and is able to keep up with your quick scribbles, yet maintains a silky smoothness that is reminiscent of the finest writing instruments.

Precision machined from solid copper in-house by Jason Hui himself, the machining quality on the Prometheus Alpha Pen is second to none and is guaranteed to offer a lifetime of reliable service. 

And with time, the copper body will acquire a beautifully unique patina that marks the passage of time and your usage. This enables you to not only spin a story on the page but also to tell your personal tale on the writing instrument itself.

  • Includes Parker Refill Adapter Kit
  • Includes one Schmidt Easyflow 9000 Blue refill
  • Includes one Prometheus Pocket Notebook
  • Custom Titanium Pocket Clip
  • Custom machined Brass Screw & 3mm Allen Key
  • Dimensions: 0.5" x 5"
  • Weight: 1.6oz
  • Machined in California, USA

Copper Prometheus Writes Alpha Pens are backed by our30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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