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Pre-Owned: Prometheus Bamboo Pen - Titanium

Evergreen Modern Classic

Condition: Excellent

If you're familiar with the immensely popular Prometheus Alpha Pen, you'll definitely take to the Bamboo - Titanium EDC Pen. Designed and built with the same rigorous adherence to functionality, durability and versatility – the Prometheus Bamboo Pen is destined to be an evergreen classic.  

Derived from the original 3-piece Alpha Pen, the Bamboo body design pays homage to the Reed Pen (where all pens came from) which dates back thousands of years. Also, just as how the Bamboo is renewable and the fastest growing plant, it symbolizes how your ideas will never run dry.   

Designed for use with the Mont Blanc cartridges, the Bamboo Titanium EDC Pen lays down a smooth and reliable line that's quick drying. When combined with the beautifully balanced heft of the Bamboo Pen, it makes for a writing experience unlike any other.

The titanium version uses 99% pure elemental titanium. It’s heavier than aluminum and has the highest strength to weight ratio of all metals. Titanium is also hypoallergenic and impervious to oxidation. If you want the absolute best titanium EDC pen, this is it.

Every Prometheus Writes Bamboo Titanium EDC Pen is meticulously machined to the highest standard right here in the USA and is guaranteed to offer a lifetime of reliable service.  If you're tired of those cheap plastic pens breaking down on you, it's time to upgrade your carry with the precision writing instrument that is the Prometheus Bamboo Pen.

  • New Bamboo body design
  • Comes with black Mont Blanc Fineliner
  • Pure Grade 2 Titanium
  • Custom machined in California, USA

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