Prometheus Lights

Prometheus Photon Lanyard Bead

One-of-a-kind Lanyard Bead

The Prometheus Lights Photon Bead is truly unique. Designed by Jason Hui of Prometheus Lights, it's unlike any other lanyard bead out there due to its sophisticated milling patterns that require a significant amount of time to machine. In fact, it's the longest run-time part that Jason makes on his milling machine. If you want a beautiful, sophisticated, and one-of-a-kind lanyard bead that nobody else has - this is for you.

The design of the Photon Bead features 30 grooves cut by side-milling, and each of them is individually turned. It doesn't get any more intricate or time-consuming as this. And the result is a fantastically detailed and exceptional looking lanyard bead.

The uses of lanyard beads are numerous. In addition to making your gear your own, and helping to express yourself individually - they are very functional. A lanyard helps extend the area for you to hold on to. The bead also makes it easier for you to fish your tool out of your pocket.

In addition, you can loop the lanyard around your wrist and cinch it down with the bead for maximum security and grip. Whatever your uses are, a lanyard bead is an invaluable addition to any tool. And there isn't a finer or better-looking bead than the Prometheus Lights Photon Bead.

  • Individually milled in Mountain View, California
  • Adds style and functionality to your carry
  • Choose from different materials and finishes
  • 0.25" (0.635 cm) through-hole for 550 paracord
  • 0.5" (1.27 cm) diameter
  • 3/4" (1.905 cm) length

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