Prometheus Lights

Prometheus Ruby Keychain Fob - Brass

Eye of the Ruby

Sometimes things are just cool, and that alone is reason enough to want it. Introducing the Prometheus Ruby Keychain Fob which features 4 x 6mm ruby (corundum) spheres, held captive within the machined body of the keyfob, and are free to move back and forth. You see where this is going.

Designed as a functional objet d'art, the eye-catching Prometheus Ruby Keychain Fob can be used as a keychain, lanyard bead, or zipper pull. The rubies are free to rotate and move around inside the beautifully machined brass body, and can even be used as a fidget tool.

Small enough to attach anywhere, and beautiful enough for you to always want it nearby, the Prometheus Ruby Keychain Fob promises to bring some added color and joy to your keychain carry. What's not to love?

  • 4 x 6mm ruby (corundum) spheres
  • Solid brass body
  • Will develop a patina over time
  • Can be used as a keychain, lanyard bead or zipper pull
  • Doubles as a fidget tool
  • Comes with 1 each 25mm/20mm split rings
  • Dimensions: 0.425" x 1.7" (1.0795 cm x 4.318 cm)
  • Weight: 0.5 oz
  • Designed and machined in Mountain View, California

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