Rain Z

Rain.Z Hex Bit Screwdriver - Titanium

Heirloom Quality Hex Bit Driver

We believe in buying the best and investing in quality. And one metric that we live by is ‘cost per use’. The rationale is that by buying a high-quality product, you use it for much longer and the cost for each use is less than if you were to buy a low-quality product that wears out quickly. That is exactly why we are drawn to the Rain.Z Hex Bit Screwdriver, which is one of the finest and best-built tools we’ve ever handled.

A completely original design, the Rain.Z Hex Bit Screwdriver took 2 months of repeated prototyping to perfect. Precision machined from solid titanium, it is extremely lightweight yet robust and durable. And with its ringed structure and high-speed zirconia ceramic ball bearing, it is incredibly smooth to operate and makes tinkering with your tools an absolute joy.

So if you’re a tabletop mechanic who enjoys tuning and tweaking with your knives and tools, or if you simply use a hex-bit driver often in your line of work - you owe it to yourself to experience the fantastically designed and exquisitely crafted Rain.Z Hex Bit Screwdriver.

Note: Also available as a set with the WiHa Bit Set and the Hex Bit Driver Tool Roll.

  • 3.26" (83mm) x 0.55" (14mm) 
  • Precision machined from solid titanium
  • Ultra-smooth high-speed Zirconia ball bearing
  • Internal magnetic tip to hold the bit in place
  • Weight: 52 grams
  • WiHa Bit Set sold separately

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