Ranger Station

Ranger Station Roll On

Ruggedly Elegant Scents

Our sense of smell is among our most visceral. How you smell speaks volumes about you and your character – without you ever having to utter a word. If you're looking to convey a sense of supreme style and rugged confidence – then you'd want to give the Ranger Station Roll On a whiff. 

Available in 3 distinct fragrances, the Ranger Station Roll On is your ticket to smelling the best you've ever been. Leather + Pine is a coniferous fragrance that transports you closer to the forest line. Oakmoss is reminiscent of the moment after a storm clears – fresh, warm, and earthy. Santalum is a sandalwood-centric scent that is warm, complex, vibrant, and rich. 

Hand-mixed in Nashville, the Ranger Station Roll On uses only the highest quality ingredients and essential oils for the long-lasting sillage. Designed for everyday portability, each fragrance is carefully bottled in a compact Roll On tube that slides right into your pocket, so you can smell your best anywhere and everywhere. 

  • Convenient Roll On tube
  • Paraben-Free
  • Available in 3 distinct scents
  • Leather + Pine: Fresh evergreen, marine accord, moss, clove, churned earth, pine sap, leather, ambrox, blue musk
  • Oakmoss: Bergamot, charred sage, pine, cedar, violet, damp earth, red amber, moss, tonka
  • Santalum: Ambergris, papyrus, cedar, amyris, clove, cardamon, amber resin, musk, sandalwood
  • 10ml
  • Highest quality ingredients and essential oils
  • Hand-mixed in Nashville, TN, USA

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