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RoosterDog Designs is the brainchild of Will Wirth, a 15-year-old 3D modeler and video gamer who taught himself to design and 3D print these amazingly creative works of art.

3D-modeled and individually cast in bronzed silver steel, each and every figurine is an original design and comes with a unique backstory that informs and inspires its design. 

Starting from the top, the Rbot-1 is a mechanized soldier that fights alongside the Bipedal Assault Mechs (BAMs) and Oculus Quads.

The Oculus Quad is a quadrupedal assault mech figurine. The front sled legs hold ion pulse cannons. Mounted on the top rear is a 50mm rifle. Like its cousin the Bipedal Assault Mech (BAM), the Oculus Quad has 11” thick bulletproof armor. Mounted in front is a double sensor giving this mech its "Oculus" designation. Every Oculus Quad in the field requires one BAM escort.

As its name suggests, the Bipedal Assault Mech (BAM) is known for its agility over rough terrain. Housing a 50mm rapid-fire gun and 25,000 rounds of ammo, BAM is extremely useful for infiltrating terrorist strongholds and eliminating threats. If you require more firepower, go for the BAM-X which is an upgraded Bipedal Assault Mech, with advanced weaponry and armor.

Last, by not least, the "Curiosity of Intergalactic Justice" assault mech figurine was inspired by the design of the Mars Rovers. Curiosity joins Rbot-1 as an infantry mech intended to close in on and destroy the enemy, by day or by night, in all weather conditions and terrain.

Whether you are planning to add one or an army of these awe-inspiring figurines to your tabletop, these one-of-a-kind RoosterDog Designs creations will make for the perfect conversation starter or simply as a reminder to let your imagination reign free.

  • Designed in California by Will Wirth
  • 3D modeled and cast in bronzed silver steel
  • Each figurine comes with a unique backstory
  • Ranges from 1.2" to 1.7" tall
  • Perfect desk accessory and conversation starter
  • Material: Bronzed Silver Steel

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