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RovyVon A8 Pro Flashlight

Do-it-all UV flashlight

The RovyVon A8 Pro is the flashlight you never knew you needed. A much-requested variant of the bestselling RovyVon A8, the RovyVon A8 Pro is a do-it-all keychain flashlight that features 2 high-performance UV lights along with your choice of a white or red sidelight. 

While compact, the RovyVon A8 Pro features 3 different lights built into its keychain-sized body – the primary front light and 2 sidelights. The primary front light is a UV-C emitter from Seoul Electronics, which is on the 270nm wavelength and has been tested to be 99.9% effective at killing or inactivating harmful microorganisms. 

The sidelights come in your choice of a UV-A (on the common UV spectrum) LED which is often used to identify counterfeit bills or exposing stains (proceed with caution), or a practical 4500K neutral white LED which is perfect as a reading light, especially when clipped to a hat or onto a bag. 

Designed for your ease of use, the RovyVon A8 Pro comes with a built-in micro USB charging port, a charging indicator, and quick charge function, a paracord hole for attaching a lanyard, and boasts IP65 water resistance.

At only 2.14” tall (barely the size of your pinky finger), there simply isn't anything that comes close to the size-to-performance ratio of the RovyVon A8 Pro. If you're looking for the highly-specialized, yet amazingly versatile keychain flashlight – the RovyVon A8 Pro is the enlightened choice. 

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • 3 different lights: 1 x primary, 2 x sidelights
  • Primary light: UV-C emitter from Seoul Electronics
  • UV-C is 99.9% effective at killing harmful microorganisms
  • Choice of UV-A or Red sidelight
  • Durable semi-translucent body tube
  • Built-in Micro USB charging port
  • 330mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Charging indicator & quick charged in 45 minutes
  • Side switch prevents accidental activation
  • Ergonomic design, one-hand operation
  • Tail paracord hole
  • A lanyard and two-way clip included
  • IP65 water resistance
  • Dimensions: 2.16"x 0.57" (5.4864 cm  x 1.4478 cm)
  • Weight: 0.41oz
  • Makes every other flashlight jealous

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