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RovyVon A8X Flashlight

Smallest and Brightest

Flashlights, quite unlike knives, often see far greater strides in performance because they are basically tech products. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d have heard people waxing lyrical of the RovyVon who has been making the biggest waves with their little bright EDC flashlights.

All that praise is certainly not misplaced because the RovyVon A8x is a firebreather. If you want the most lumens in the smallest of forms, there isn’t anything else (yet) that holds a candle to the RovyVon A8x. 

To put things into context, this bright EDC flashlight is only 2.14” tall (barely the size of your pinky finger) yet it puts out up to a stunning 650 lumens courtesy of its Hi-CRI Nichia 219C LED (90+ CRI) that renders colors accurately to let you see better in the dark. Just give that a moment to sink in as you cast your mind back to the hulking, hefty, and baton-sized lights of days gone by.

In addition, this bright EDC flashlight also comes with a sidelight. And get this, the sidelight comes in 2 configurations. The Amber sidelight toggles between an amber, red, and blue signal light. The UV sidelight features well, a UV light for checking for counterfeit notes and other CSI-related tasks. The sidelight is dispersed through the tough and semi-transparent body to create a floody beam that’s perfect for reading maps and such. 

Further bolstering its credential as the perfect keychain light, the RovyVon A8x comes with a built-in micro USB charging port (finally), a charging indicator, and quick charge function, paracord hole for all you lanyard bead lovers, and boasts an IP65 water resistance so rain and splashes will not bother it. 

As of writing, there’s simply nothing that comes close to RovyVon A8X when it comes to a performance/price/size ratio. As such, whether you’re a hardcore custom flashlight fanatic or casual everyday user, the RovyVon A8X has something to offer everyone in every scenario imaginable. So dally no more and get yours now. 

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • Nichia 219C LED (90+ CRI) - 4500K neutral white - Max is 450 lumens
  • Choice of Amber or UV sidelight
  • Durable semi-translucent body tube
  • Built-in Micro USB charging port
  • 130mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Charging indicator & quick charged in 45 minutes
  • Side switch prevents accidental activation
  • Ergonomic design, one-hand operation
  • Tail paracord hole
  • A lanyard and two-way clip included
  • IP65 water resistance
  • Dimensions: 2.16"x 0.57" (5.4864 cm x 1.4478 cm)
  • Weight: 0.41oz
  • Makes every other flashlight jealous

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