Sacred Skulls

Sacred Skulls Edge Worry Stone - Garnet Inlay (Custom)

Regeneration stone

Nothing expresses your personality and individuality like a subtle, yet exquisite, accessory in your carry (just ask Jason Momoa). And that's exactly what the Sacred Skulls Edge Worry Stone does – it says a lot about you, without you needing to say a word.

Inspired by lost cultures, stellar civilizations, and spirituality, the Sacred Skulls Edge resembles an ancient arrowhead, which symbolizes the warrior spirit as well as the self healer in reference to Greek mythology and the story of Chiron.

Custom made from white brass with bronze inlays, it's designed to resemble damascus steel with its unique swirls and patterns. The jewel on top, quite literally, is a 4mm red garnet stone that has a special affinity for the heart. It's said to be helpful for love, strength, and regeneration.

Hand-crafted by Judicael, the Edge is typically made as a pendant. However, this batch has been reimagined as a worry stone made for everyday carry. 

  • White brass with bronze inlays
  • 4mm red garnet stone
  • Inspired by an arrowhead and the self-healer
  • Worry stone 
  • Length: 1.34" (3.40 cm)
  • Width at widest point: 0.7" (1.778 cm)
  • Weight; 0.2 oz
  • Hand cast in France  

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