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Santi Se Beads BB Mofo (Custom)

Bald, Bearded, Balling

Lanyard beads are a great way of adding individuality and personality to your carry. However, it’s hard to differentiate yourself when most lanyard beads look the same. That’s where the custom-made Santi Se Beads BB Mofo shines with its highly unique take on the everyday lanyard bead. 

Short for bald, bearded Mofo, the BB Mofo bead draws inspiration from a tapestry of influences. It weaves elements of macho ruggedness with the traditional memento mori of a skull to create a truly badass looking skull that is unlike anything else out there. 

Handcrafted individually in Thailand, the iconic Santi Se Beads BB Mofo is the perfect accessory to help set you and your carry apart. Get yours now because everyone needs a bald, bearded mofo in their life.

  • Choose from solid copper or brass
  • Add style and functionality to your carry
  • Dimensions: Length - 1.10" (2.80 cm), Width - 0.63" (1.60 cm), Height - 0.71" (1.80 cm)
  • Weight: 0.71 oz (20 g)
  • Handcrafted in Thailand

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