Santi Se Beads

Santi Se Beads Tamonten (Custom)

Everyday Protector 

Lanyard beads are a great way of adding individuality and personality to your carry. However, when every bead on the market looks the same, it's hard to differentiate yourself. And that’s where the custom-made Santi Se Beads Tamonten rises above the competition with its unique take on the everyday lanyard bead.

This meaningful bead is inspired by Tamonten (or Bishamonten) who is one of the 4 heavenly protectors and God of War of Japanese Buddhist beliefs. Also known as the black warrior and one of Japan’s Seven Lucky Gods, this King of the North is the scourge of all evildoers and protector of all that is good and righteous.

Handcrafted individually in Thailand by skilled artisans, the iconic Santi Se Beads Tamonten is the perfect accessory to help set you and your carry apart. It's time to bring home your very own everyday protector and personal talisman today.

  • Choose from solid copper or brass
  • Add style and functionality to your carry
  • Dimensions: Length - 1.13" (2.87 cm), Width - 0.70" (1.77 cm) x Height - 0.79" (2.00 cm)
  • Weight: 22 grams
  • Handcrafted in Thailand

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