Serge Knives

Serge Knives X2 - Aluminum

Force and Function Multiplier

Love him or hate him, there's simply nobody else like Serge. When it comes to reimagining familiar things in fresh and unexpected ways – Serge Panchenko reigns supreme with his unique design language and real-world sensibilities.

Custom machined from lightweight aluminum, the Serge Knives X2 is the ubiquitous finger knuck elevated and transformed into a whole new being. Designed as an emergency impact tool for breaking glass or windows, it integrates a sleek pull-out bottle opener into its design to pop open a cold one when the going's good.

Slim enough to slide into your coin pocket and lightweight enough to never weigh you down, the Serge Knives X2 is a force and function multiplier that's miles ahead of the pack. Equip yourself with one now and X2 your EDC's capabilities.

  • Designed by Serge Panchenko
  • Machined from lightweight aluminum
  • Emergency impact tool
  • Pull-out bottle opener
  • Diameter: 1.06" (2.70 cm)
  • Weight: 1.34041 oz (38 g) 

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