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Spyderco Stovepipe - Knife Modders Edition (Exclusive)

Modded pocket cleaver

Note: As these Spyderco Stovepipes are modded, their official Spyderco warranty is voided and does not apply.

Welcome to knife modding nirvana. Taking everything you know and love about the Spyderco Stovepipe up a notch, these bad boy comes equipped with unique scales and finishes that take it to a whole new level of style and panache.

A special collaboration with acclaimed custom knifemaker, David Rydbom of Kingdom Armoury, the Spyderco Stovepipe is one of the most unique and visually stunning folding knives Spyderco has ever produced, with an equally intriguing story to match.

The Spyderco Stovepipe traces its lineages to Rydbom's most popular custom designs known as "Bill the Butcher", which was inspired by the film Gangs of New York and its depiction of the notorious historical figure William Poole, aka "Bill the Butcher."

In turn, the
 Spyderco Stovepipe draws its name from the "stovepipe" top hat that William Poole often wore. It features a stout CPM-20CV cleaver-style blade. The straight-edged blade is complemented with a thick stock for superb heft and strength, and balanced by a deep hollow grind for maximum cutting performance.

The signature Spydie hole allows for easy, ambidextrous, one-handed opening, while machined details above the blade provide enhanced control. Deep scallops on the blade's spine and tip further accentuate Rydbom's unique style and ensure exceptional point utility for a cleaver-style blade.

In hand, the Spyderco Stovepipe features two solid slabs of titanium with a matching titanium backspacer. The robust Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) provides maximum security and stability, and a machined titanium clip that provides convenient right-side, tip-up carry.

What's more, each of the scales is different with no two being alike. Choose from cross barking, rock patterned, and even a fragged finish for some serious style points.

Remarkably functional and undeniably eye-catching, the Spyderco Stovepipe captures the spirit and painstaking craftsmanship of David Rydbom's custom creation. If you're looking for the crown jewel to your blade collection, the Spyderco Stovepipe is yours for the taking.

  • Exclusively through Urban EDC Supply
  • With custom modded scales
  • A special collaboration with David Rydbom
  • Inspired by Rydbom's custom "Bill the Butcher"
  • Butcher-style cleaver design
  • CPM-20CV stainless steel blade
  • Reverse Integral Lock
  • Solid titanium scales and backspacer
  • Matching titanium pocket clip
  • Blade length: 2.78" (7.0612 cm)
  • Handle length: 4.00" (10.16 cm)
  • Overall length: 6.75" (17.145 cm)
  • Blade thickness: 0.157" (0.39878 cm)
  • Weight: 4.9 oz.
  • Made in Taiwan

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