Spyderco Techno 2 - Blurple Anodized (Exclusive)

Blurple rain

Welcome to knife modding nirvana. Taking everything you know and love about the Spyderco Techno 2, and add some colour and character. This exclusive Spyderco Techno 2 comes equipped with unique scales that take it to a whole new level of style and panache.

Designed by Polish knifemaker, Marcin Slysz, the Techno 2 is based on Marcin's 'Mouse' design. It features a thinner profile for better pocketability, an open barrel spacer construction for easy maintenance, titanium handles with chamfered corners, and a robust RIL frame-lock - for your peace of mind.

On the cutting-edge, it features a CTS-XHP sheepsfoot blade along with titanium handles custom-anodized to a gorgeous Blurple (a heady mix of blue and purple) that truly sets this blade apart from the rest of the herd.

Improving upon an already formidable blade is no mean feat, and the Spyderco Techno 2 does exactly that. If you enjoy the aesthetics and ergonomics of the Spyderco Techno and just want that extra oomph to tip the scales from great to grand – this is it. 

  • Anodized exclusively by McNees for Urban EDC Supply
  • CTS-XHP sheepsfoot blade
  • Uniquely anodized Blurple scales
  • Titanium handles with RIL frame-lock
  • Full open-back construction for easy maintenance
  • Overall Length: 5.99" (15.2146 cm)
  • Blade Length: 2.55" (6.477 cm)
  • Sharpened Length: 2.46" (6.2484 cm)
  • Closed Length: 3.44" (8.7376 cm)
  • Handle Thickness: 0.48" (1.2192 cm)
  • Reversible deep-carry wire clip
  • Weight 3.30 oz.

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