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T1 Forge

Pre-Owned: T1 Forge Tools (Custom)

Precision EDC Hammers

Condition: Good (some carry marks, see photos)

Precision hammers may sound like an oxymoron because we often associate hammers with brute force. But if you take a moment to consider how the right tap at the right place is often all that’s needed, you’ll understand the immense usefulness of the T1 Forge Tools.

Available in 5 carefully curated custom hammer configurations – starting with the smallest which is made from solid brass along with 4 others of increasing size that’s made from blacken steel, stainless steel, and Damascus with solid wood handles, these hammers are built to provide a lifetime of service.

Perfect for working with delicate surfaces or equipment such as watches, clocks, spectacles, and more, to knocking in pins, nails, or even opening nuts, the custom made T1 Forge Tools hammers has everything you need and more.

  • Perfect for working with delicate equipment
  • Choice of 5 precision hammers
  • Blacken steel, stainless steel, Damascus, and solid brass heads
  • Solid wooden handles
  • Brass Micro: 2.93" (7.44 cm) x .53" (1.35 cm) x 0.21" (0.53 cm) 
  • Damascus Mini: 4.05" (10.29 cm) x 0.88" (2.24 cm) x 0.39" (0.99 cm)
  • Stainless Steel Small: 5.79" (14.71 cm) x 1.30" (3.30 cm) x 0.48" (1.22 cm)
  • Blacken Steel: 8.27" (21 cm) x 3.03" (7.70 cm) x0.50" (1.27 cm)
  • Brass: 9.45" (24 cm) x 1.81" (4.60 cm) x 0.74" (1.88 cm)

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