Tactikowl Gear

Tactikowl Hit Record

Hit all the Right Notes

Renowned for their iconic Mixtape bottle opener (shaped like a cassette tape), Tactikowl is back in full swing with the new Tactikowl Hit Record. Inspired by the classic 45 RPM vinyl record, the Hit Record is a chart-topping bottle opener that hits all the right notes. 

Aside from being a fully-functional bottle opener to crack open a cold brew, the Tactikowl Hit Record can also be used as an emergency glass-breaker to help you get out of a tough jam.

Lastly, it serves as the perfect conversation piece to break the ice because let’s face it – there simply isn’t a cooler and more intriguing bottle opener ever created. So, if you’re looking for something truly unique that’s outside the bounds of what’s available, it’s time to march to the alluring beat of the Tactikowl Hit Record.

  • Machined from solid aluminum
  • Inspired by the vintage 45 RPM vinyl record
  • Bottle-opener feature
  • Emergency, last-resort glass breaker
  • Diameter: 3.2"
  • Hole diameter: 1"
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Made in the USA

    Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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