Tactile Turn

Tactile Turn Smooth Operator Pen - Titanium

Smoothest pen ever

The latest, and smoothest, creation from master machinist Will Hodges and his amazing Tactile Turn team, the buttery-silky-glass-smooth Tactile Turn Smooth Operator Pen gives new meaning to the word 'smooth'.

The design brief for the Tactile Turn Smooth Operator Pen was simple – to make the smoothest pen possible. Starting with a titanium Slim Bolt Action Short, each internal part was reimagined and crafted from Ultem – everything from the spring, clip, top piece, and ink refill – for the smoothest, slickest, and most satisfying action.

In addition to being the smoothest pen yet, the Tactile Turn Smooth Operator Pen features everything you already love about the Slim Bolt Action Short. It comes with the same refill compatibility as the larger Bolt Action and a shorter bolt slot with a stronger spring to significantly improve the feel of the action (upping the fidget factor big-time).

It also features a refined tip for a cleaner line from ink refill to pen body, while a flatter top piece provides a lower profile when clipped onto the edge of your pocket. Finally, the bolt slot is now closed in both up and down positions.

And as always, when you buy a Tactile Turn creation – you're treated to the same otherworldly – seamless, magical, flawless – craftsmanship that Will Hodges and team are known for. With its insanely tight tolerances, refined mechanism, and design tweaks, the Tactile Turn Smooth Operator Pen is everything you expect, and then some.

  • Smoothest Tactile Turn pen ever
  • Black Ultem bolt carrier to decrease friction
  • Tumbled dark titanium body
  • Unique bolt action mechanism
  • Slimline custom torx top cap
  • OHTO 0.7mm PS107 needlepoint ink refill (Parker style)
  • Ultra-deep carry bent steel clip
  • Body length: 4.875" (12.3825 cm)
  • Body width: 0.365" (0.9271 cm)
  • Weight: 0.90oz
  • Custom machined in the USA

This bolt pen is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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