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Tain Aurora - Timascus

Small-batch Timascus Run

It doesn’t get any more exclusive than this. We’re honored to bring you an extremely small run (only 9 pieces to be exact) of the exquisite Tain Aurora in Timascus. If you were impressed with the exacting workmanship and elegant design of the Aurora, prepare to be blown away by the Timascus variant. You’ve been warned.

Timascus, like the Tain Aurora, is an exotic beast. Created by fusing different titanium alloys together, this upscale material is characterized by its iridescent shine and unique grain patterns. Good looks aside, Timascus is corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, extremely lightweight and strong - a perfect fit for the purposes of a compact everyday carry flashlight.

On the business end, the Timascus Aurora features an orange peel reflector that gives an even, floody beam by way of a Nichia 319 3000K emitter. It also boasts a beefy brass light engine which increases efficiency and heat management, and a dual stage output that is activated by twisting and loosening the head.

On its own, the Tain Aurora is already an exceedingly capable everyday flashlight of the highest caliber. When combined with the exotic pedigree of the Timascus construction, this little gem is elevated into the rarefied realms where the lines are blurred between a functional tool and a work of art.

The good news is that you can now have both with this one-of-kind and truly breathtaking masterpiece. And like you, no two pieces are like. So act fast before they are all sold out.

Add an additional glow to your Tain Aurora in Timascus with the optional glow insert.

  • Limited one-off run with only 9 pieces made
  • Every piece is unique, no two are alike 
  • Machined from exotic Timascus bar stock
  • Orange Peel Reflector
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Beefy brass light engine
  • Split ring hole
  • Tritium slot in the tail 3 x 11mm
  • Tail-stand-able
  • Dual-stage output 
  • 10mA (5 lumens), 220mA (90 lumens), low first, high next
  • 14mm (0.55") x 61.7mm (2.43")
  • 0.9V~1.8V - Alkaline, Ni-MH AAA lithium battery (Energizer or Duracell)
  • Emitter: Nichia 319 3000K
  • Optional glow insert available
  • Made in Taiwan

  • Install a Name brand (Energizer, Duracell) AAA size battery into the body tube. ( + ) the positive end towards the tail, and ( - ) negative end toward the LED
  • Fully tighten to switch off
  • Loosen to turn on low
  • Loosen further to turn on high

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