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Titaner Titan Tactical Pen

An Elegant Everyday Pen that Can Save Your Life

Tactical pens are useful because they combine the utility of a writing instrument with a non-lethal weapon. In an emergency, having one on hand could save your life. However, most tactical pens are overbuilt monstrosities that are impractical for easy everyday use. That’s where the Titan Tactical Pen differs because it’s simply the most elegant and minimalistic option in the market today.

The sleek Titan Tactical Pen definitely packs a punch. It features a discreet Tungsten reinforced attack point that’s designed for breaking glass, or bones, in an emergency. Precisely machined out of a solid rod of titanium, it’s built to take a beating and last a lifetime.

In hand, it’s well balanced, writes beautifully and uses the popular Parker Rollerball refill for the best writing experience. With its clean lines and simple design, the Titan Tactical Pen is something that you’ll actually enjoy carrying and using. And when push comes to shove, you’ll always have it on you, and that could make all the difference.

  • Machined from Solid Titanium
  • 0.43" (D) x 5.1" (L)
  • Tungsten reinforced attack point
  • Ceramic treated clip
  • 1.2 oz.
  • Includes standard Parker Rollerball refill

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