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Tokyo Pipe Co. Douglass NEO Lighter

Lighters to Last Generations

If you’re familiar with our bestselling Douglass lighters, you’ll be equally impressed with the delightfully diminutive yet equally robust NEO lighters. Featuring the same impeccable craftsmanship, these compact field lighters are built to take a beating and keep on lighting.

Hand-machined in Japan by master craftsmen from solid metal stock, the Douglass NEO lighters are world-renown for their fanatical attention to detail and insanely tight tolerances (0.0001” to be exact). It’s no understatement to say that these vintage style Japanese lighters are built to perfection and offer unmatched quality.

Both the Model 3 and 4 are significantly more compact than the full-sized L or S lighters. The Model 3 vintage pipe lighter offers a taller and slimmer carry for slotting discreetly into your pocket, while the shorter Model 4 is perfect for stashing in your bag or pouch.

The Douglass NEO lighters feature their hallmark windproof performance and airtight construction, which allows for great longevity as it prevents the lighter fluid from evaporating easily. If you’re looking for the best lighters on the market, these pint-sized powerhouses are hands-down the best-designed and best-built offerings in the world - bar none.

  • Hand-machined from solid metal stock
  • Constructed to 0.001" tolerances 
  • Airtight construction prevents lighter fluid from evaporating
  • Uses Zippo flints and Marvelous-brand wicks 
  • Model 1: 3" (7.62cm)/31 grams
  • Model 2: 3" (7.62cm)/34 grams
  • Model 3: 0.89" (2.26cm) × 0.47" (1.20cm) × 2.92" (7.42cm)/38 grams
  • Model 4: 0.91" (2.30cm) × 0.91" (2.30cm) × 1.51" (3.83cm)/37grams
  • Made in Japan

    This vintage pipe lighter is backed by our30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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