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Veleno Designs Pinpoint - Titanium

Pinpoint Precision

Spearheaded by Steve Ku, Veleno Designs has long been at the forefront of putting out some of the best and most innovative EDC gear (Silet Ti, Quantum DD, the list goes on) and the Pinpoint is their outstanding take on an ultra-compact utility blade. 

Precision-built for precision, the Veleno Designs Pinpoint features a sturdy, one-piece, unibody titanium handle. It uses X-Acto #11 utility blades which are readily available at most places. Which also means that if you’re traveling, you can easily replace the blade at your destination. 

Designed with ease-of-use and versatility in mind, the Veleno Designs Pinpoint has a nifty magnetic lever lock for open and closed positions (which prevents any blade rattle). Also, no tools are required for a blade change. No-fuss, no hassle.

Available in a righty and lefty configuration, the Veleno Designs Pinpoint slides right into your coin pocket without adding any unnecessary weight or bulk. If you need a razor-sharp little blade that you can carry anywhere with absolute ease, it’s time to get the Pinpoint in your pocket.

Note: If you're interested in a leather sheath to protect your Veleno Designs Pinpoint, we recommend the Keychain Tool Sheath (Tall).

  • One-piece, unibody titanium handle
  • Uses easily available X-Acto #11 utility blades
  • Magnetic open/closed locking mechanism
  • No tools required for blade change
  • Fast one-handed deployment
  • Available in Lefty or Righty versions
  • Length: 2.3"
  • Width: 0.6"
  • Thickness: 0.15"
  • Weight: 0.3 oz
  • Designed by Steve Ku

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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