Veleno Designs

Veleno Designs Silet Ti - Hex

Exceptional EDC Pocket Utility Knife 

The Silet Ti is what you get when you seamlessly combine form with functionality. Veleno Designs has long been putting out some of the best designed and well-made gear. And the Silet Ti is their outstanding take on an everyday carry pocket utility knife.

Crafted from solid titanium, the Silet Ti is not only lightweight but also strong, durable and corrosion resistant. The Silet Ti uses standard Stanley 1992 blades which are readily available, and has a dual blade position locking mechanism. You can extend it fully for heavier duty tasks, or retract it in for precision work. It even has a magnetic blade retention, which holds the blade firmly in place for minimal rattling. The slider has a unique low-friction design which allows for a “lube-less” operation, and you can easily swap out the blade without the use of any additional tools.

Operation wise, the Silet Ti checks all the boxes. It allows for one-handed deployment, making it fast and convenient. And the matching solid titanium pocket clip is understated and has great retention. If you’re looking for the perfect everyday carry utility blade which is unobtrusive and highly functional - you owe it to yourself to check out the Veleno Designs Silet Ti.

Note: If you're interested in a leather sheath to protect your Veleno Designs Silet Ti, we recommend the Keychain Tool Sheath (Tall).

  • Solid titanium construction with titanium pocket clip
  • Engraved hex pattern
  • Uses easily available Stanley 1992 utility blades
  • Dual position locking mechanism
  • Low-friction slider design for "lube-less" operation
  • No tools required for blade change
  • Fast one-handed deployment
  • Length: 3.14" (8cm) 
  • Width: 0.984" (2.5cm)
  • Depth: 0.236" (6mm)
  • Design by Steve Ku