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Victorinox "Astronomer" Signature SAK

Revel in the Cosmic Details 

We worked with talented graphic artist Billy French on a special collaboration to celebrate the diversity of our very own EDC community. We're proud to introduce to you a custom-designed Victorinox Signature Knife, made by the iconic Swiss brand Victorinox, known for their high-quality multi-tools.

The inspiration behind this custom swiss army knife came from our very own EDC community. What fascinated us most was how diverse the community was, each of us having different backgrounds, hobbies, interests, and occupations. Yet, we all bond together by our love for everyday carry gear.

We wanted to celebrate these differences and highlight a certain line of work, collaborating with talented artists to create an exquisite piece you can proudly add to your EDC collection.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Signature Knife is an EDC staple and necessity. It’s exceptionally compact, functional and even has a retractable pen. That's why we've chosen it as the base for our collaboration to bring you this exclusive and custom-designed “Astronomer” Victorinox Signature Knife.

The “Astronomer” Signature Knife features intricate and subtle line work that conjures images of the cosmos. Both sides of the custom Victorinox Swiss Army Knife are different. One side depicts the ‘day’ with the rays of the sun shining down while the other side reveals the ‘night’ highlighting the different phases of our moon. These masterful artworks come together on a single iconic Victorinox Signature to represent the duality and contrast of our universe - which you can then keep in your pocket.

We worked with Victorinox directly to fine-tune the look of the “Astronomer” Signature Knife so you know you're getting a high quality, flawless tool from the iconic Swiss brand. They are made in small batches, in limited production runs. If you’re looking to own something truly original and exquisite, you’ll definitely not want to miss out on these custom Swiss Army knives!

The "Astronomer" Signature custom-built swiss army knife is part of a three-piece collaboration. Head over to our "Astronomer" Engraved Zippo Lighter and "Astronomer" Double Spinning Coin to complete your set.

  • Custom designed Victorinox Signature Knife
  • Small blade; nail file with screwdriver tip
  • Retractable pen, scissors, and tweezers
  • Measures about 2.25"
  • Pen includes blue ink
  • Cellidor Scales
  • Digitally printed, UV coated artwork 
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Artwork by Billy French

    This custom Victorinox Signature knife is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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