VoxDesign 3/8" Tiny BrewBear - Titanium

Bear Necessities

This week we feature a different kind of animal, a rare encounter with the VoxDesign 3/8" Tiny BrewBear that's custom crafted from a single slab of solid titanium. If you want something unique and head-turning, the BrewBear is here to help you make a bold statement. 

At its core, the Tiny BrewBear is a multi-functional tool that merges a handy bottle-opener with an emergency impact tool. Use to it pop open any beverage with ease, or wield it as a force multiplier in times of crisis - when you need to break through glass or windows to make an escape.

Individually designed and machined in Denmark from solid 3/8" titanium by Jesper himself, the Tiny BrewBear is immensely popular and almost impossible to get a hold of. So if you’ve been on the hunt for one of these, strike now before they go back to hibernation!

  • Machined from solid 3/8" titanium
  • Anodized for extra wear-resistance
  • Bottle-opener and emergency impact tool
  • Designed and made in Denmark
  • Weight: 0.9oz
  • Length: 1.86" (4.7244 cm)
  • Hole: 0.707" (1.79578 cm)

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