VoxDesign Blue Ano Seahorse - 1/4" Titanium (Custom)

Perfect Pocket Mate

Did you know that seahorses pair for life? If you didn't, you'll soon experience it because you're likely never to part with your VoxDesign Seahorse the moment you get your hands on it. Intriguing useful and amazingly refined, this one-of-a-kind critter is the perfect addition to any carry.

Machined by legendary designer and custom knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes, the VoxDesign Seahorse bottle opener is meticulously machined from 1/4" thick solid titanium construction with a gorgeous deep ocean blue anodization.

Great looks aside, this nifty work of functional art incorporates a handy bottle-opener into its design to pop open a cold one at moment's notice. Also, artfully added to its construction is an emergency "impact tool."

Made in micro-batches, the tiny and tremendously functional VoxDesign Seahorse is the perfect companion to your everyday carry. Get your titanium keychain bottle opener now to avoid any disappointment. 

  • Machined from 1/4" solid titanium
  • Designed and made by Jesper Voxnaes
  • Stunning deep ocean blue anodization
  • 1" hole
  • Dimensions: Length 2.98" (7.56 cm), Width 1.27" (3.22 cm)
  • Weight: (0.9oz) / 25.5 grams
  • Made in the USA & Denmark

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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