VoxDesign Orwell - Blasted & Tumbled Copper (Custom)

Solid Copper Owl

Condition: Excellent

Saucy and silent in the night, the solid copper Vox Orwell machined by legendary designer and custom knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes commands respect and attention like no other.

Symmetrical good looks, wonderfully organic lines, and unique design aside - the VoxOrwell is a serious bit of kit. This palm-sized piece of functional art incorporates a handy bottle-opener into its design and can be used as an emergency impact tool that may save your life one day. As the saying goes, it always pays to be prepared.

Machined from solid copper, it's blasted and tumbled to achieve a handsomely rugged finish unlike any other. If you're looking for the perfect pocket companion to take your EDC to the next level, this gorgeous solid copper Vox Orwell beckons.

  • Machined from solid copper
  • Blasted and tumbled finish
  • 1" hole
  • 3/8" max thickness
  • Weight: 72 grams
  • Precision machined by Jesper Voxnaes
  • Handmade in Denmark

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