Ystudio Classic Ballpoint Pen

Robust and Responsive

There’s something special about Ystudio because they create beautifully timeless pieces that simply cannot be imitated. Their signature solid brass stationery are their bread and butter, as it is their foremost expertise.

Their passion for the craft, using traditional artisanal methods, along with their dedication to creating heirloom quality tools, put them heads and shoulders above the cookie-cutter variety of stationery that we are used to.

The Ystudio Classic Ballpoint Pen is no different because it draws from the same heritage and lineage. It’s a model of understated elegance with its clean, flowing lines and lack of superfluous elements.

What sets it apart is how it combines modern usage with traditional craftsmanship. The Ystudio Classic Ballpoint Pen is designed with your ease of use and reliability in mind. It comes equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism that is responsive, while the ballpoint refill is easily replaced and highly dependable.

The slim and compact profile makes it easy to carry because it slips into your pocket unnoticed. The hexagonal body provides a comfortable and secure grip for your writing. So if you’re looking for a robust, responsive and elegant everyday carry pen that will get better with time and use, the Ystudio Classic Ballpoint Pen is made just for you.

  • Solid brass construction
  • Reliable ballpoint refill
  • Hand forged in Taiwan in a traditional thousand-degree furnace

    Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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