Ystudio Pen Case

Stash Your Stationery In Style

Your high-quality stationery is a lifetime investment. That’s why it makes sense to house them properly. The Ystudio Pen Case not only helps organize your stationery but also protects them from external wear and damage.

The Ystudio Pen Case features a hollow round container held together by solid brass and wenge wood. The unique thing is how both the brass and wenge wood are light, fresh and pure in the beginning.

With time, the solid brass and wenge wood will darken gradually and develop a patina. It helps to mark the unflinching passage of time, as well as your unique usage, touch and memories. Your beautiful stationery deserves an equally beautiful home. Treat yourself to the Ystudio Pen Case today and bask in its beauty and functionality.

  • Solid brass and wenge wood construction
  • 38 X 38 X 183 mm
  • Made in Taiwan

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