Ystudio Pencil Lead Box

A Lead Box For The Ages

From the faraway land of Taiwan is an outfit that makes some of the best writing instruments in the market. While geographically distant, Ystudio’s beautifully crafted goods resonate with us because we share a common passion and appreciation for quality, craftsmanship and timeless design.

If you’re sick of breaking your pencil leads, or are put off by the cheap disposable plastic containers that pencil leads are usually sold in, this is the perfect alternative.

In addition to their line-up of pens and pencils, Ystudio also offers useful accessories such as this pencil lead box. The lead box features solid brass construction and is made by local factories in Taiwan. Each of them is hand forged by masterful hands in a traditional furnace at a thousand degrees.

It comes with a clever twist top and holds all your pencil leads safely within. The solidity and unique nature of the brass lead box mean you’re less likely to misplace it, while it also offers the ultimate protection for those fragile pencil leads. This is truly an heirloom quality accompaniment to your writing instruments that will last you a lifetime and more.

Recommended with Ystudio's Mechanical Pencil.

  • Solid brass construction
  • 0.315" (8mm) X 0.315" (8mm) X 3.346" (85 mm)
  • Suitably holds 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7mm lead types
  • Hand forged in Taiwan in a traditional thousand-degree furnace

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