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Zerohour Apex Mini Pen

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Smallest and Strongest

In short (pun intended), the Zerohour Apex Mini Pen is the smallest and strongest EDC pen on the market. I mean, the name says it all. Sitting on the apex of mini EDC pens – this little guy crushes the competition (quite literally). 

Designed and built for extreme environments, the Apex Mini Pen features the slimmer and thinner Fisher's #SU4F Fine Point Universal Type refill which writes in zero gravity, underwater, over the wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and from -50 °F to 250 °F. And while you might never get a chance to write in space or deep under the ocean – it's certainly comforting to know that your pen is capable of doing so.

Complementing the NASA-approved Fisher refill, the Apex Mini Pen features your choice of solid titanium or lightweight aluminum body (both of which are SUV crash-tested). The uniquely ventilated body reveals the brass cartridge locked and loaded within while helping to reduce the overall weight.

Industrial-grade O-rings to keep the refill snug and a low-profile, removable pocket clip complete the tiny and mighty Zerohour Apex Mini Pen. Three, two, one, zero-hour. The time is now to own the smallest and strongest everyday pen on the market.

  • Smallest and strongest EDC pen
  • Comes with Fisher's #SU4F Fine Point Universal Type refill
  • Writes in all conditions (underwater, in space, wet, dry, greasy)
  • Fits all D1 size refills (Pilot, Monteverde, Zebra, and more)
  • Choose from titanium or aluminum
  • Choose from 3 different finishes
  • Removable pocket clip
  • Closed length: 82.25mm (3.23")
  • Overall length: 108.95mm (4.2")
  • Diameter: 6.25mm (0.25")
  • Aluminum weight: 0.28 oz (7.93 g)
  • Titanium weight: 0.42 oz (11.9 g

    This mini EDC pen is backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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