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Chris Reeve Impinda - Titanium

Modern-day Slip Joint
The Impinda is the slip joint modernized. While it's true that when we think of Chris Reeve, we think of the Sebenza (which is the gold-standard and archetype when it comes to titanium frame-locks), the Impinda is living proof that you can certainly teach an old dog new tricks. 

    Awarded American-made Knife of the Year at Blade Show 2018, the Impinda is a non-locking, two-handed blade that your grandfather would be both familiar with and fascinated by. Designed alongside William ‘Bill’ Harsey (famed knife designer, hunter, fly fisherman, and lumberjack), the Impinda is equally capable in the office or at the campsite.

    In classic Chris Reeve form, the highly versatile drop point CPM S35VN blade measures in at 3.13" with a sharpened edge of just under 3", making it legal to carry (alongside its non-locking mechanism) in most areas. 

    The beautifully contoured titanium handles are blasted for enhanced grip and wear-resistance, while the 3D-sculpted pocket clip is discreet, secure, and follows the flow of the handle for a clean and cohesive look. 

    Internally, the Impinda shines the brightest. Equipped with full-sized perforated bronze washers, it allows for a nice balance between the CRK vault-like smoothness and a measure of resistance for safety. 

    Another clever feature is the curved design of the joint between the back spring and the blade, which makes the blade easy to open but requires a larger force to close (5+ lbs) to eliminate any accidental closure.

    Impinda translates to "open and close" in the Zulu language, which makes complete sense when you understand the simple yet profound purpose of this blade – to open, close, and repeat – to provide a lifetime of unwavering, unquestioning, unfailing service.

    Any knife designer would be proud to be have been involved with the Impinda, and that's why you'd find Bill Harsey's signature hidden inside the slabs at the pivot area. Minimal, masterful, and classy, that's the Impinda in a nutshell. If you're a fan of the CRK way of doing things and you want a simple yet sublime slip joint to do it all – the Impinda is precisely what you need. 

    • Modern-day slip joint
    • Non-locking design
    • Two-handed opening
    • American-made Knife of the Year (Blade Show 2018)
    • Designed alongside Bill Harsey
    • CPM S35VN drop point blade
    • Blasted titanium handles 
    • Full-sized perforated bronze washers
    • Blade length: 3.13” (79.50 mm)
    • Blade thickness: .12” (3.07mm)
    • Handle length: 4.02” (102.11)
    • Handle thickness: .13” (3.30mm)
    • Overall length: 7.15” (181.61mm)
    • Weight: 3.38 oz (95.82 g)
    • Made in the USA

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